Biography · Kaveh Akbarzadeh
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About Me

Hi ! I am Kaveh and pleased to have you on my website.

I was born on a Sunday around 7 or 9 am in a cold and snowy day of 24th January 1983 at districts 3 of Tehran, Iran; apparently it was was so cold & snowy day and that probably explains why i can’t bare the cold whether.

I raised and grew up in Tehran in our Old house with traditional iranian architecture which is one the best experiences that someone can have in his childhood.

Growing up in a warm house with a front yard and having lots of fun in all 4 seasons. witnessing the blossoms & the fresh chilled  air of springs along with Iranian New year theme, the awesome summer time with the glaze of sun and it’s warmth, the chilled and dried fall with the mesmerizing & colorful leafs, and of course, the amazing snowfall on winter nights which brings the joy of no school day cuz of heavy snowfall. Yes that’s something which made me be very grateful.

We still have the house in the same shape,  of course with some renovation and I truly wish to keep it as it is and as long as I can.

At school, I was not top of the class all the times but I was ok, I was so excited with electronic stuff and destroyed many of our devices out of curiosity which led me to know computers and got involve with amazing technologies were emerged every year.

I got my first computer by surprise from my dad and it was an IBM machine with Dos OS, I remember those days, that it was so hard to have a personal computer in house.

only one of my cousins has one around me .  I got so excited whenever we had a plan to visit them and I had a chance to get more familiar with the machine.

Got my first Mac couple of years after and it was so awesome to work with, but unfortunately not much of software available for it those days, So i got back to PC but in love with mac ever since.

It was the internet & Intranet age and we used The legendary dial up modems to get connected and communicate digitally in forums and chatrooms. It was so amusing and exciting, kept me hours and hours just playing around and browsing to find and learn new things.

I got involved with business quiet in a  young age, with our family business  which was fabrics and textile retail,  I’ve started at age 13 in our retail shop as part timer helping my dad, and became full timer after graduated from high school.

during those years i self learned  english, computer’s infrastructures, some details in computer hardwares, and very basic terms in programing. After high school I was very fund of computer networks and so got myself involved with the networking tech. Eventually, I’ve became a Microsoft Certified  System Engineer on year 2000, yes the legendary Year 00, oh man i missed those days, the Millennium.

Continued my professional education in a British  study system on International computer studies and got my Advanced Diploma in Computer studies on 2004.

Moved to UAE and engaged with some family business over there, also get hired by an Oil & Gas company for IT & network infrastructure administration. Over there,  I had the honor to get know an amazing Man who were the former general manager of one of the major iranian banks in New York for over e decade before Iran’s Revolution.

I’ve learned many things from him such as  international trade, international financing terms, letter of credits & etc. and  became the trustee of that company  in financial matters till 2007.

Moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 2007 and continued my studies on Business Information Technology at LUCT.

On 2009 became an Apple product Professional got certified by Apple corp,.

Co founded the first company by some of my friends in the area of Digital imaging and creative multimedia, we expanded our services and became the first company in southeast asia to provide Digital interactive publishing for tablets and mobile devices.

Got involved in smart technologies and building automation systems with a new company in Malaysia named NOXEL and met Farbod sadeghian. I was so excited about those technologies and he was so excited about our digital interactive publishing activities.

We expanded again and Became the partner with 360 celsius company another company of Farbod sadeghian and created sort of multimedia channels, digital marketing services, digital interactive publishing , creative video productions and content management of our own TV channel in MSN NBC Malaysia. It was truly great days , of course with many tops and downs .

Moved to Singapore for expanding the  Building automation business and opened the NOXEL office in singapore, created an amazing showroom on a 3000 Square ft area and became one of the major Smart BMS provides in singapore, closed around 7 major projects in the first 10 months.

Moved to Tehran on 2015 to have a short visit and then got amazed with many changes that has been implemented in Iran’s IT business  on all those years which i was way, we have expanded our digital company in iran and opened our Tehran office with the name of Mediacube, in couple of months get introduced to ANetwork company and farbod signed a partnership contract with ANetwork.I became the International Business Development Manager of Anetwork.

On 2016 we opened DMC the largest Digital Media Buy Center in Iran and became the sole provider of Digital Media channels of Digikala  as well as a major provider of other digital media channels such as , PPC, Digital Mobile ads, Digital Video ads, & etc from other companies. I was the COO and managed the initial operation of DMC.

Also co founded a beacon technology based company which provides ibeacon  devices as well as software solutions for various commercial and advertising purposes.

In Anetwork Company,  I had negotiated with a Russian Digital marketing and development company  which resulted to localise and launch the first offsite Automated link building platform designed for persian keywords named CUBO.

And Now Opening a new company for SEO & SEM services for Iran’s Market, I have planed to provide Iranian businesses with a Proper methods of SEO and proper bid optimizing technology for their SEM needs.